✨London International Motion Picture Awards: Best Web Series for „The Wind on your Skin“!

❤️tfelt THANK YOU to everybody who made that possible!


Director: Jana von Hase, Naomi Beukes, Birgit Stauber
Writer: Naomi Beukes
DoP: Laurent Hesemans, Liberty Verbaan
Editor: Renier de Bruyn
Director´s assistant: Roya Diehl
Make-Up: Venicia A Shanjenka
Sound: Gernot Fritze
Set Photographer: Melli Fischer



A community is shaken when a young woman is killed because of who she loves. But hateful acts can spark resistance.

Cast: Naomi Beukes (Leoni), Birgit Stauber (Dr Jessi Matthews), Chantell Uiras (Emily), Hildegard Didi Olivier (Dorothy), Melissa Müller (Wendy), Mikiros Garoes, Heather Dennis, Melodia Dreyer, Tristan Feris, JD Januarie


mit Birgit Stauber, Naomi Beukes, Jana von Hase, Chantell Uiras, Laurent Hesemans, Liberty Verbaan, Melissa Müller, …