Wow. Honestly speechless.
Winner „Best Actress in a Drama“ for „Another Day in Paradise“.💫🙏🏼
Thank you thank you thank you Actors Awards LA, this is really awesome!!!

Soooooo happy and grateful for Naomi Beukes-Meyer, what an unforgettable gift, woman!!! What spirit and soul and strength, my absolut pleasure and honor to play „your Dr. Jessie“, forever grateful! Thank you Naomi🌹!
And I´m really grateful for having worked with this soul of a directress, Mrs Jana Eleanor Bruckner! 👌❤️
Your truth for the charactors, your overall sense of rhythm and your passion for the story shines through every beat, just loved working with you in rehearsals, on set – and love the final edit, thank you so much Jana🌾
A special thank you to our editor/2nd unit director Gary Scott! 🙏🏼🍀 Love the editing (great work on the last scene!) and the additional footage we had filmed😉.
And a big big THANK YOU to our cast and team! Karo Serafin, Takuro Sakamoto, Coo Kiie, Maria Deger, Vivian Wouters, Duygu Çelik, Hüseyin Ekici, Dilay Cansy Solmaz, RF Mahe, Philipp Klein, Sheena Malone, Jasper Granderath, Carman Ho, Rose Nolan, Dani Blaschke Hair&Make-up, Anke Thot, Belenresnikowski, Sugano Matsusaki, Kelvyn Hallifax and the wonderful Shishani Vranckx. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!🙏🏼💞