WHAT TO DO WITH THE SILENCE is one of the official selections in the „Equality International Film Festival“ which will be taken place next weekend in Sacramento, USA! We´re excited and grateful to be selected, looking forward to a great festival!



Drama / Web Series, 2015


The Centre is a scripted drama series in English and German, written by Naomi Beukes-Meyer. It tells the stories of foreign, mostly African girls and women living in Berlin, and their ways of dealing with living between two cultures. The Centre is run by Leoni, an African woman, living in Berlin, trying to make ends meet and her way of dealing with the German bureaucracy. Birgit plays Dr. Jess, who meets Leoni in Namibia, shortly before Leoni´s daughter gets shot. 


Screenplay: Naomi Beukes

Director: Eddy Ballardi

Cast: Naomi Beukes, Birgit Stauber, David Ndjavera, Mirya Kalmuth, Ashanti Beukes, Timalen José, T´neeya, Tinus Diergaart, Daphne Deklerk, Senga Brockerhof, Zoa Wustrow


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